Welcome to the homepage of #WorldVapeDay – India, being celebrated on May 30. Lots happening this week. Please participate in at least one of the activities.

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How to participate:
1. First, you need a Twitter account.
2. After creating one, follow people in this list.
3. Then have a look at this guide
What to do:
1. On Saturday, May 30, between 3-6 pm, tweet and retweet as much as you can.
2. Use these hashtags in your tweets: #WorldVapeDay, #EndVapeBan, #TobaccoExposed. 
3. Search for #WorldVapeDay hashtag and retweet as many tweets you find.

Sample tweets you can use

I SUPPORT #WorldVapeDay #NoTobaccoDay #EndVapeBan


I have quit smoking with the help of vaping. It wasn’t easy but I have won. Anyone who is finding it difficult to quit smoking should give it a try. Please remove the ban. @drharshvardhan #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #WNTD2020

Vaping is NOT smoking. It helped me quit tobacco. 10 crore smokers in India can also benefit if the vape ban is lifted. @PMOIndia @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #WNTD2020

On #WorldVapeDay, I am proud to celebrate my win over smoking. No Indian should be denied the right to improve their health. @rashtrapatibhvn @narendramodi #EndVapeBan #NoTobaccoDay #WNTD2020

My health improved after I switched from smoking to vaping. Now deadly cigs are available everywhere but vaping is banned. Why does the government want to push me back to smoking? @drharshvardhan @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed

I am an adult. I have the right to make a less harmful choice. Please do not take away this right from me. Bring strong laws to control youth vaping, but don’t punish 10 crore Indian smokers. @drharshvardhan @Mohfw_India @NitiAyog #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed

HIV #HarmReduction: condoms ✓
Car accident HR: security belt✓
Motorbike accident HR: helmet✓
Tobacco HR: vape – > BANNED
@narendramodi @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @ICMRDELHI #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WNTD2020


On #WorldVapeDay, I ask the Indian govt to quit tobacco by giving up its stake in tobacco companies. You cannot profit from tobacco while denying people access to safer alternatives. @PMOIndia @DrHVOffice @nsitharaman @Mohfw_India @WHOSEARO #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #WNTD2020

The govt owns stake in tobacco cos, makes huge money on tobacco tax. Is that why you have banned vaping coz it ends smoking? Health of people is more valuable than money. @PMOIndia @drharshvardhan @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WNTD2020

Dear @drharshvardhan, on #WorldVapeDay, will you issue a statement to rectify what you said in Rajya Sabha about the 2000 children dying from vaping? @MoHFW_INDIA @PIBFactCheck #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed bit.ly/2LSwhrj

Solving imaginary problems – “Oh, think of our children!” – with a blanket ban on safer alternatives and guillotining 10 crore smokers is what vested public health looks like. #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WHOExposed @WHO @ICMRDELHI @NITIAAyog

“E-cigarettes have been known to cause popcorn lungs,” @drharshvardhan said in Parliament. Let us look at the evidence, minus the propaganda – https://bit.ly/3gmTH6d #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WHOExposed @WHO @ICMRDELHI @NITIAayog

When Covid-19 was spreading in India, @ICMRDELHI was busy tweeting against vaping. We need science, not propaganda which protects govt’s stake in tobacco industry but denies 10 crore people safer options. @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #WNTD2020


Why does @WHO talk so much about industry interference but does nothing about countries like India holding stakes in tobacco companies? Why should @FCTCofficial be taken seriously? #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WNTD2020

Everyone knows @WHO failed in tackling Covid-19 and lied for its funder China. It is also lying on vaping for big funder Bloomberg. Lives of 1 billion smokers should come first. @FCTC @WHOSEARO @PMOIndia @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WNTD2020

A billion smokers in world, half of whom will die prematurely from tobacco related illnesses. Despite clear evidence to show vaping is safer, nations play politics with human lives. Why is @FCTCofficial supporting this? #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed #WNTD2020

Focus of public health should be on lessening the burden of tobacco, but data shows that anti-vaping propaganda is pushing ex-smokers back to cigarettes. https://bit.ly/3guXm1U #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #TobaccoExposed @WHO @ICMRDELHI @NITIAAyog


Nicotine does NOT cause cancer. Smoke and tar does. Vaping does not have smoke. It is simple to understand why it is safer than smoking. Why ban it then? @drharshvardhan @WHOSEARO @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #WNTD2020

We need to strike a balance between discouraging nicotine use at a young age, while communicating clear and accurate info about the relative risks of nicotine products so that youth do not choose to smoke believing it to be safer. @ICMRDELHI @Mohfw_India #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan

Over 65 nations have regulated vaping. They are the most advanced nations in the world. Why should developing nations like India be denied the benefit of technological advances? @Mohfw_India @ICMRDELHI @WHOSEARO #WorldVapeDay #EndVapeBan #WNTD2020

Vaping was developed by and for people for whom traditional smoking cessation didn’t work. This isn’t about “replacement smokers,” it’s about REPLACING SMOKING, because our lives depend on it. @Mohfw_India @ICMRDELHI @thePHFI #WorldVapeDay #WNTD2020 #TobaccoExposed

Unlike patches, pills & hotlines, vaping is an existential threat to smoking. The war on vaping helps Big Tobacco & protects a status quo where 8M people die from smoking each year. Anti-vaping crusades are pro-death. @PMOIndia #WorldVapeDay #WNTD2020 #TobaccoExposed

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Tonight between 8-10 pm, we will host a live across FB, YouTube, Insta & Twitter where vapers will talk about their quit journeys for 5 mins. 


1. Change your DP on FB, Insta, Whatsapp to this one for May 30. Click here for image
2. Shoot a short 15 sec video supporting World Vape Day or saying one-line message like: If you are a smoker quit. today, or switch to vaping; I support vaping as a means to quit smoking; I quit smoking with vaping. etc.
3. Share posts on vaping (share a story, article or research paper).
Post these posters on your social media. Check back for more.


Lung Injuries (Credit : Vaepworld)

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How to participate:

We have created a ready email to be sent to relevant MPs and MLAs with just one click. Feel free to modify.