Electronic cigarettes are a ground-breaking technology that is a boon to smokers who have tried every means possible to quit, but failed. Vaping is not only the most effective tobacco-cessation method currently available, it is also proven to be 95% safer than smoking. This makes it a lifesaver for millions of people in India, who would benefit greatly from its use.

Countries all over the world have recognised it as a key tool in the fight against tobacco, with the UK and US leading the way. Every European country now allows the sale of e-cigarettes and nicotine refills. Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Hungary and Belgium have recently repealed their bans, while Canada and New Zealand are in the process of legalising them.

The situation is most dire in India, which has 108 million smokers, over half of whom will die of tobacco-related illnesses, impacting not only the economy, but also their families. This can be prevented if they are made aware of this safer option, and if the state and central governments take a principled position by regulating these life-saving products to ensure safety and quality standards, instead of banning them.

With these objectives of spreading awareness and stemming the tide of bans in mind, vapers in India have joined hands to defend their right, and those of millions others, to lead healthier lives.

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