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Situation in India

Vaping is facing opposition from many quarters in India despite sufficient and mounting evidence it is a far safer alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes. Being a developing country with a struggling public healthcare system and massive tobacco health burden of nearly a million tobacco-related death every year, India could do well to adopt preventive measures in the form of tobacco harm reduction.

However, a deadly combination of misinformation and vested interests are pulling the country towards prohibition. Six states have banned ENDS under state laws, while the federal government has publicly declared its intention to follow suit with a national ban.

While this has supressed the industry to a large extent, the number of smokers switching to vaping continues to rise and the number will keep increasing, although at a slower rate, irrespective of the regulatory developments.
In the following sections, we have put together extensive information to aid deeper understanding of the vaping situation in India. Please write to us at contact@vapeindia.org for queries and inputs.

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