AVI shadow report on 4th anniversary of India’s vape ban

Today, September 18, marks four years since India banned less toxic alternatives to smoking through an ordinance, which was later ratified by Parliament as The Prohibition Of Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2019. The ban has caused immense damage to India’s tobacco control efforts, led to harassment and criminalisation of millions of users of these products and is depriving millions more of an opportunity to avoid the deadly consequences of smoking. 

As a consumer non-profit representing Indians who have quit smoking with the help of these products and also our 120 million smokers who deserve access to risk reduction, we have prepared a shadow report that reviews India’s progress report sent to WHO’s FCTC ahead of its COP10 being held in Panama in November. 

Please find a downloadable PDF of the full report before. For media queries contact our spokesperson Jagannath Sarangapani at +91 98662 26600, or email at contact@vapeindia.org.


Pratik Gupta
Director – Association of Vapers India
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Shadow Report on the (NON)-Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Article 1 (d) on Harm Reduction Strategies in India

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