Fighting for our right to make safer choices

Protests against the vape ban ordinance are being held in six cities across India and also in some satellite locations. We request all vapers in the country to join in these protests to let the government know that this ban is anti-science, anti-people, against freedom of choice and against public health of 11 crore smokers in our country.

The protests will be held simultaneously across Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata.
Please check this page often to get updated information.

Saturday, September 28, from 12 noon to 2 pm.

National coordinators: Jagannath Sarangapani, Samrat Chowdhery
National media coordinators: Abhishek Katiyar, Vishal Gupta


Venue: Jantar Mantar
City Lead: Kanav Kumar
Coordinators : Aditya Sai Kumar, Chirag Gulati, Angad, Karan Chandra, Vikram Singh
Media coordinator : Abhishek Katiyar
Spokespersons : Samrat Chowdhery, Dr. Aparajeet Kar, Kanav Rishi Kumar, Ashish Soni, Kunal Sharma


Venue: Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh
City Lead: Dhaval Gogate
Coordinators : Biresh Bhadra, Dhruv Chawla, Karan Ojha, Nik Rebello, Maaz Basar 
Media coordinator : Nikita Asthana
Spokespersons: Dhaval Gogate, Varun Singh, Dhruv Chawla, Biresh Bhadra


Venue : Lamakaan
City Lead: Jagannath Sarangapani
Coordinators : Rizwan M, Safiuddin Khaja, Aryan Sharma, Kaustub Reddy
Media coordinator: Prashant
Spokespersons : Jagannath Sarangapani, Rizwan M, Aryan Sharma, Kaustub Reddy, Safiuddin Khaja


Venue: Freedom Park
City Lead: Karthik Krishnan
Media coordinator : Vijayalaxmi
Spokespersons : Pingal Khan, G K Karthik, A K Kushal, Kamal Bhattacharjee


Venue: Raj Park Hotel
City Lead: Cary Edwards
Media coordinator : Surya
Spokespersons : Cary Edwards, Madhuri Devi, Dr Sree Sucharitha


Venue : Press Club Kolkata
City Lead: Maneesh Kasera
Coordinators : Dhruv Mondal
Media coordinator : Rupak
Spokespersons : Dr Saikat Barik, Sudipto Mitra, Suvadeep Sarkar


For those who cannot attend, join the protests on social media and help amplify the efforts of the protestors. Activities will be planned on Twitter, FB, Insta and Youtube. Watch this space for details. Those who can help with social media, please contact the coordinators.

Coordinators: Arin, Olivier Vulliamy

Use #NoVapeBan hashtag for all protest tweets and posts.



General Instructions

  • Participants are requested to avoid vaping or be discreet. Personal use is not an offence as per Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
  • Participants can bring friends and family, but make sure they are willing to join. Please do not bring kids along.
  • We are all responsible and mature Citizens of India. Gentleman behaviour is a must.
  • When asked a question, be calm and respectful in your answer.
  • No underage (below 21 years of age) people will be allowed in the protest.
  • Work in close coordination with your Coordinators.
  • Participants are requested to not use “Single-Use Plastics” in the protest. Do not litter. Maintain cleanliness.
  • Be well organised and with each other at all time.
  • Please help in clean-up if it’s a public venue. We should leave it as we found it.

Hope to see you all there!